Working to Support the Inclusion of All People in Schools and Communities

Our Process

We have learned how to optimize professional development for effectiveness and giving our clients a meaningful, rich experience. While we craft a plan individually for each client, we have developed an overall process that provides for optimal success.

Planning Services

Schools or districts that are interested in implementing system-wide change benefit from this service. Our processes assist you in creating a shared vision, developing a time-line, and establishing concrete action steps and accountability.


Our dynamic, hands-on workshops provide concrete, practical strategies. During each workshop, our coaches model the strategies being taught. All co-teaching workshops are co-taught. Each workshop is fun, interactive and engaging, with differentiated approaches to learning. Participants have the opportunity to plan how they will apply the strategies they learned to their classroom, content area and/or team.


Lakretz Creative Support Services offers Classroom Coaching, Study Group Facilitation and Individual Student Study and Support.

Available Products

“We were excited to have you come in and see us implement so much you have taught. Your workshops are always a tremendous world of knowledge for us and we truly appreciate you. You are a tremendous asset to all of us that are fortunate enough to work with you. ”

—John Paul Biondo, General Education co-teacher

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