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“I just  wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you guys  did today......I just couldn't go to bed without saying again  "WHAT A FABULOUS PRESENTATION !! "    Everyone  was soooooo pleased,  energized, and inspired by the information you shared.  
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!  
You really have quite a gift for communicating and "bringing people into the fold".   I am so grateful for ALL you have done.........  I must thank you on behalf of the students for whom you made TREMENDOUS STRIDES for today...........  Most of whom will NEVER know you personally, but for whom will now stand a greater chance of getting the opportunity to share their gifts with their typically developing peers because of what you said and did today......   You are amazing !  Thanks for everything”.

- Maura Gallagher, Director of Special Education, Franklin Square UFSD, reflecting on a district-wide administrator’s workshop

“At all times, the professional learning coaches modeled the very same practices that they were teaching us to employ. In other words this program has what most other professional development or higher learning programs lack: teachers presenting tangible educational strategies who can actually walk the walk. It has always bothered me to sit and listen to an “educational leader” who drones on in front of a sixty-five slide power-point presentation about how teachers are not serving every style of learner.”

-Phil Turano, Earth Science Teacher, Bayport - Blue Point HS

“I learned so much and can’t wait to incorporate those new strategies into my classroom.”

- Jennifer Mazur, Teacher, Sea Cliff Elementary School

“Thank you for another wonderful training session. You ladies are truly a wealth of knowledge! I appreciate your insight, intelligence, compassion and passion for what you do, and am grateful to have you as mentors and teachers.”

- Karen Hyland, Teacher, Blue Point Elementary School

As a teacher for 15 years, I was pleasantly surprised to be taught such useful and cutting-edge techniques.  I am refreshed and excited to implement the strategies and structures I have learned in this Co-teaching workshop.

- Michaela Riviello, Middle School Teacher, Smithtown NY

Having taken many cooperative learning courses and workshops over the years, I was pleasantly surprised by the Co-teaching workshop run by Beth and Casey.  Their depth of knowledge, skill set, modeling of Co-teaching methods, manipulatives and general ease of sharing their expertise was a refreshing experience as we teachers prepared for the upcoming school year. Thanks for your help and insight.

- Roger Smith, Social Studies Teacher, Accompsett MS


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