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Our dynamic, hands-on workshops provide concrete, practical strategies. During each workshop, our consultants co-teach and model the strategies being taught. Each workshop is fun, interactive, and engaging, with varied approaches to learning. Participants have the opportunity to plan how they will implement the strategies they learned, in the way that applies to their classroom and/or team. We will collaborate with you to determine the appropriate content for your school.

• Inclusion 101
• Individualizations and Modifications
• Differentiating Your Instruction: Ideas and Practical Applications
• Introductory Co-teaching and Teaming
• Co-Teaching: Taking It To the Next Level
• Including Students with Learning Disabilities: Elements and Accommodations
• Positive Preventive Strategies for Working with Students Whose Behaviors Challenge Us
• Facilitating Peer Interaction
• Inclusion 102
• Secondary Inclusion
• Person-Centered Transition 101
• Creating Quality Person-Centered Transition Plans
• Administrator’s Workshop

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