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Schools or districts that are about to implement system-wide change benefit from this service. Our processes assist you in creating a shared vision, developing a time line, and establishing concrete action steps and accountability. On-going follow-up and monitoring assists you in implementing, assessing and refining your plan. This service combines with Administrator’s Workshops for powerful system change and implementation of new programs.

PCP brings a group of people together to create a vision-based action plan for a particular student and his or her support team. Our services help teams of students, families, friends and school personnel to create a vision based on the gifts, strengths and talents of the student, solve specific academic, social, emotional, behavioral or support issues, create concrete action plans, and develop a procedure to implement action steps including systematic time lines and accountability.

PCP can help you work with a student who has specific or unusual needs, is moving from one grade or building to another, is working with a team that needs additional creativity and assistance in order to support him or her, is functioning significantly differently than his/her same aged peers, requires an intensive home-school partnership and/or is in the transition process from school to adulthood (14-21 years old).

After some initial information gathering and observation of the student, our facilitators conduct a 3 – hour process that starts with a vision and develops a concrete action plan broken down step-by-step, in the time frames that work for the student and the team. At the end you will have a color graphic plan as well as a word document to utilize to guide you through your plan. If you choose, we return periodically to assist you to monitor and amend your plan.

This service involves an in-depth analysis of the current program. The evaluation process consists of information gathering through observations, meetings and interviews. We provide a written report including findings and specific strategy recommendations.


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