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• Inclusion 101
Individualizations and Modifications
• Differentiating Your Instruction: Ideas and Practical Applications
• Introductory Co-teaching and Teaming
• Co-Teaching: Taking It To the Next Level
• Including Students with Learning Disabilities: Elements and Accommodations
• Positive Preventive Strategies for Working with Students Whose Behaviors Challenge Us
• Facilitating Peer Interaction
• Inclusion 102
• Secondary Inclusion
• Person-Centered Transition 101
• Creating Quality Person-Centered Transition Plans
• Administrator’s Workshop


Creating Quality Person-Centered Transition Plans

1 day workshop (to train staff, or for an individual student and team following Person-Centered Planning) that teaches how to create transition plans that are individualized, meaningful and address concrete goals and objectives. Case studies are provided to guide practice.

Learning outcomes:
• Definition of transition domains
• How to write effective transition goals based on
Person-Centered Planning
• How to create effective action steps to support the goals

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