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“Beth began in the elementary school when we started inclusion 8 years ago and moved up with the group she started with. She is a full inclusionist, believing EVERYONE can be educated within a general ed setting – I’m not – she knows it and is respectful of our differences. She is able to think outside the box and has offered some really good suggestions to teachers regarding curriculum modifications, co-teaching models, community building and specific strategies for specific kids. She’s politically savvy – meaning she will address major concerns with you before addressing them with staff. She has had different success with different staff members… those that are open and willing to problem-solve get the most from her help – then there are those who “need no help” – you know the type; they obviously don’t benefit as much.
She’s a positive influence, because she is not in a position to evaluate staff, they are more likely to admit they need help. I would definitely recommend you give her a try”.

-Dr. Arlene Genden-Sage, Assistant Superintendent for Special Education, Island Trees UFSD


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