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Beth is the founder and president of Lakretz Creative Support Services. With her team of creative consultants, Beth has been developing and implementing dynamic workshops and technical assistance since 1992. As a teacher, consultant, facilitator and coach, she engages students, families, teachers and administrators in the process and practice of inclusion. Promoting inclusive practice has been Beth’s passion for over 20 years in her work with both children and adults. Additionally, Beth has collaborated with colleagues to develop an approach to Community Building in Diverse Classrooms. Beth is a trained facilitator and Person-Centered Planner who received her BS in Social Work from Cornell University, and MS in Special Education from Syracuse University. Beth’s other company, Support A Vision, provides facilitation and coaching to individuals, small groups and businesses who are looking to create and manifest inspired change through connecting with their vision. Her other passions include sharing life’s journey with her amazing husband and daughter, conversation and play with friends and family, holistic and wellness practice, gardening, music, and those loveable NY Mets.

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“Working with Beth for the past six years has been enlightening. She is what I call the "Guru" of the world of
differentiated instruction.  She never runs out of ideas to help students of varying abilities.  Beth has a natural
understanding of children’s needs in both academic and social settings.  She offers realistic suggestions to anyone
who comes in contact with students so that the students can meet with success.  Beth is a warm, gentle,
and loving woman who makes working with her an absolute delight. She opens up people's eyes to realize how 
important, yet simple, it can be to reach each and every child within a classroom”.

Eileen Longhway, 6th Grade Teacher, Island Trees Middle School

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