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• Inclusion 101
Individualizations and Modifications
• Differentiating Your Instruction: Ideas and Practical Applications
• Introductory Co-teaching and Teaming
• Co-Teaching: Taking It To the Next Level
• Including Students with Learning Disabilities: Elements and Accommodations
• Positive Preventive Strategies for Working with Students Whose Behaviors Challenge Us
• Facilitating Peer Interaction
• Inclusion 102
• Secondary Inclusion
• Person-Centered Transition 101
• Creating Quality Person-Centered Transition Plans
• Administrator’s Workshop


Administrator's Workshop

Half to full day workshop to overview concepts taught to district staff. This service combines with school planning for powerful systems change and implementation of new programs.

Learning outcomes:
• Best practices of inclusive education
• Deeper understanding of the professional development provided to your staff
• Establishing collaborative practices among professional developers and administrators
• Concrete, specific guide for administrators to evaluate teachers.
• Creating cultural shift for the school or district

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